He was in for murder, and the sentence was life without parole

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buy canada goose jacket cheap A prisoner wants answers about evolutionI used to get these letters all the time, canada goose outlet trillium parka black when I was doing forensic DNA analysis (and testimony)for defense attorneys. Inmates would somehow find canada goose outlet paypal out about me, and write me letters asking for help. They were always pathetic, pleaded that they were innocent (something that has to be considered if they asking for DNA evidence), and I never had the time to do anything but (occasionally) respond by saying as canada goose outlet houston I had a day job and my hands full with other cases.The letters were umistakeable. They always come in a stamped envelope with my canada goose parka outlet name and address scrawled in bad handwriting, like this one that came yesterday. (The address, by the way, is wrong, but it found its way to me anyway. and seemed intelligent. Those aren bad questions for a layperson.So I looked the guy up. He was in for murder, and the sentence was life without parole. He killed his wife and tried to pretend that somebody else did it. It was https://www.pick-canadagoose.com not a pretty story. It was, however, sort ofa crime of passion.My question is this? Should I answer his questions? The downside is that I busy, that it may engage me in a correspondence I don want, and the guy did something horrible.On the other hand, he in for life without parole, which surely must be one of the worst possible ways to live one life. (And yes, I know he was convicted for taking away the life of another.) I also don believe in moral responsibility, that is, I don think the guy had a choice about whether to kill his wife or canada goose outlet washington dc not. Yes, he needs to be punished, to deter othersand keep canada goose outlet in usa him out of society (rehabilitation is not an option for someone who will never get out). But that doesn mean that he not a human being, or that his life could not be a tiny bit bettered by a response from a scientist.I just keep thinking what it canada goose outlet boston must be like to livein a canada goose uk site small cell, knowing that the only way out is in a coffin. Yes, I know the guy did something unconscionable, but that doesn make him inhuman. My canada goose outlet mall impulse is to answer, but I thought I pose it as a general question.I read a canada goose outlet store near me web site that gave tips canada goose jacket outlet store to Germans, by Germans, working in Canada the US. Some of them were canada goose outlet london uk not to be surprised that canada goose outlet montreal everyone addresses directors CEOs, etc. by their first name will chat to these people about personal things like what they did on the weekend, etc.I had a German CEO once I used to imagine him having to get used to us calling him by his first name, etc.We also probably look rude to people in England. I been told that we come off as somewhat abrupt because at work, we just canada goose uk blurt out the punch line of what we want without going through the social overhead of greeting and explaining.I responded to another comment before I saw this one so this may seem canada goose outlet locations in toronto redundant to some viewers on here. I apologize for saying I didn see that as being rude. I didn canada goose outlet shop want to say because that feels too personal and I couldn think of anything besides right off the top of my head. I guess I keep it at doctor or professor Coyne from here on out.Anyways I just can begin to imagine what would be wrong with canada goose outlet in uk simply writing a letter to someone (especially about a harmless subject like biology) so it seems like you bringing up a non problem.That was my next thought after answer him does he have Internet access?You know, from where I sit, life without parole seems almost like an excessive punishment for a single murder (assuming there weren exacerbating factors and I not suggesting we should be told any more details). Being able to access the Internet would surely help to keep the guy sane. And if the argument for keeping prisoners incarcerated is safety specially for prisoners who are going to be released one day, I think the minimal security risk of allowing them internet access would be outweighed by the advantages of allowing them social canada goose outlet online reviews contact.I know it arrogant to say this but I have always felt that atheists are better people than theists.We do things out of the goodness of our hearts and a desire to make the world a better place.I would respond to this man if only because he is reaching out for a better way, a clearer understanding of his life and the circumstances of his situation.I like to think we are capable of sowing seeds canada goose discount uk of rationality that will someday eradicate the weeds of religion that are overrunning our planet and our population.This type of situation is amount more than this one man, more than the things he has done. It about being the people WE are and helping our fellow humans find freedom from religion, especially when they seek it out.But I may be an unrealistic romantic.You know, it is probably unfair to imply that theists mostly do good things because they think there is a celestial reward for it. After all, I never been generally impressed by theists behaving better than atheists even though, if they really believed their stupid religion, they should be afraid of going to hell. It is therefore unfair to assume that theists are mainly motivated by a desire to suck up to God. (To be sure, there are some sanctimonious jerks who love to lord their over people to impress everyone of their piety.) The problem with theists is that they give credit to God when it canada goose outlet england is really themselves who deserves it.I wonder if he also written to Dawkins and others… I also don’t believe in moral responsibility, that is, I don’t think the canada goose outlet in montreal guy had a choice about whether to kill his wife or not. wonder if he had a choice about whether to marry his wife, and wonder if his wife had a choice about canada goose outlet whether to marry him. I wonder if he canada goose outlet black friday would have had a choice whether to kill any woman he married.Do I correctly perceive that the number of men who murder (murder suicide) their wives is significantly greater than the obverse?I know of someone who, as a single woman, adopted her daughter as an canada goose jacket outlet uk infant. A few years later she met and married a guy. A couple of years later she discovered that he had been raping the young girl. (In fact, there a reasonable suspicion, in hindsight, that he married her because she had a young daughter.) He been in the penitentiary buy canada goose uk the last several years and, word is that, beyond his incarceration, what the aggrieved mother might reasonably construe as a certain retributive justice has also been meted out to him on something of a regular and canada goose outlet edmonton recurring basis by certain members of his current or group. Capice?One gathers that this fine fellow had no choice about what he did. Did the aggrieved mother similarly have no choice in her chosen course of action, to wit: pursuing the available legal remedies and not killing him, no matter how much rage and inclination to kill she felt canada goose outlet 2015 buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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