We also hope to leave for October original French courses in 60 bands.

A very pessimistic finding first on the scope of the efforts we have made to date to hook young educators: for 3 or 4 years at a rate of 700 to 1000 per year, we welcomed into our courses 2 3 000 new educators, not counting those, and they are many who join us in various ways during the year. We sell every year 1000 1 500 printing equipment and limographes. But over the last 3 or 4 years we have not recovered more than 4 to 500 new subscribers to The Educator.

This means that 4/5 of the comrades who join us, working as skirmishers, with occasional groups of relationships, but are not integrated to our movement. We feel that what we have written for them had only very relative reach and that we must therefore reconsider the form of our action and our propaganda. We did, in this area, this bad pedagogy which we condemn.

We explained, demonstrated, proven by example while only carry the action and experimentation, and we have not been able to consolidate the only real influence, that of our courses and our schools visits. Add to that a significant portion of newcomers are lost in remote positions, they do not always have the means of communication that allow them to travel for one day in order to attend a group meeting . To remedy all this we will start in October during a wide campaign by correspondence and sponsorship.

This is conclusive experiment this year with 50 comrades enrolled in our correspondence course that has led us to the new formula as follows: We are instituting in October a correspondence course Modern School which may register free all those who want to learn or improve our techniques and our teaching (each duty will however be accompanied by a $ 2 F stamps for costs of copying and correspondence). The course, at once theoretical and practical, even in your class, include a monthly lesson which require a reduced work, based on the main themes of initiation.

Second innovation: Each student will have a sponsor, preferably selected from the department who will participate in correcting homework, follow his godson, will visit or invite, send him his class newspaper. The course will acquire in thus great efficiency (We will have a Kindergarten classes, one for PC and CE, for a CM and FE, one for CEG).

Third innovation: A course in culture and development will be organized for the sponsors who are to study individually or in teams, some difficult problems facing us. We ask those interested to register now so that we can provide for the organization of this unprecedented undertaking, which could be decisive for the progress of our pedagogy. We say in our next issue the new format of our publications, with probably — Educator monthly magazine — Educ.

Technology Monthly — 2 instead of 3 BT every month, but embellished — SBT 3 instead of 2 — Art Childish and the Wave, which will continue. We will clarify this. Teachers bands bands scheduled They dominated, for their interest and their novelty, discussions and educational work of this Congress. 1. — The price calculation in 100 bands will be available in October with 30 bands CP and EC 40 bands CM and CM-30 FE bands.

2 °. — We also hope to leave for October original French courses in 60 bands. 30. — A book on programming will all technological and pedagogical explanations for the practice of our bands, their preparation and their use. For the development of the new series of bands we formed a Programming International Center to which one adheres by paying a subscription of 50 fully refundable F in working bands. We have so far registered 150.

We are able to edit, in counterpart polygraphies grammar books, geography, history, science, CEG our specialized teams will present us. The center will be shortly organized through our Chronicle VICEM. We inform readers. The ongoing work do my homework statistics
quickly bring proof that this technique Boxes and teachers tapes is an unprecedented event that will do to our technical leap forward in all our classes.

ICEM and CEL Another event finally: CA CEL and ICEM have decided that from 1 May the two companies will be administratively and financially separated: CEL keeping the daunting task of selling to members and equipment editions they need; ICEM devoted, as indicated by its articles to periodicals and editions. CEL and ICEM should therefore take both a boost. • We conclude by recalling that while most of our journals hardly join the ends, we have two publications: BT and BT supplements (for teachers), which should now be a great success.

In the coming months we will invite our readers to participate in a fierce campaign for the distribution and sale of BT and SBT. Our Congress never stop. They are rather a fraternal Relay in our great march forward.

And as you can see the work to be done. The workers either. Now we just need to get back to work with renewed enthusiasm and confidence. And Brest next year! http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/63-64/15-avril64/1-3.pdf Author Freinet Print

In: Work Supplement Library Publishing Printing at the School For students book, brochure Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) in December 1957 in pdf
1 Victor Hugo School Results result of Surzur — The year of the school CM1 By Victor Hugo on 06/12/16 — 6:05 p.m. The 2016-2017 class 9 comments 9 attachments

1 result Results Institutional Pedagogy: testimony practices By Michele Comte 03/10/11 — 24:20 In: Proceedings Congress Account> workshop a book teaching techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> Institutional pedagogy WORKSHOPS WEDNESDAY 24 AND 25 AUGUST 2011 Isabelle THURSDAY Robin, kindergarten teacher, member of the VPI Association (www.avpi-fernand-oury.fr), presented Wednesday, 2 August monograph student «Amelie: tears in words. » This story traces the evolution of a little girl on three school years. The thirty participants enjoyed this life story.

Isabelle Robin presented its class using pictures Thursday, August 25. Add a comment Read more
In: one grade> special education school level> The Technical Education Educator For teachers review in November 1965 We are sometimes criticized: you do not talk enough transition classes and final classes or all the specialized courses for which recent guidelines recommend our pedagogy.

We answer that pedagogy is. Techniques that are valid for the master classes are for both transition classes, for single classes or schools for cities. But it is obviously necessary for each adaptation required by the abilities of students, the middle of impact, the number of students, the organization of the class and the school. We’re there long applied and today we have a rich literature that assists educators in their beginning.

This adaptation continues elsewhere in our departmental groups meetings, class visits, exhibitions, demonstrations, working notebooks, departmental and regional newsletters. The more specialized study is actually in our working committees. Our board of master classes is a model, with its excessively fed newsletter, which is distributed to several hundred copies. Another model would also audiovisual commission with his experimental work by bands, its courses and its editions.

Our movement is complex; it is not central at all. What is at the top, by the educator is only a kind of synthesis of the activity of a unique educational laboratory in the world, with thousands of researchers working at the base, in life. Transition classes and final classes, however we ask, it is true, a new problem that deserves special attention.

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